New! Tectonic 3.1, a bonus major update, adds tons of QOL, new sprites and remade UI elements!
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Dig deep into a world of strategy in Pokémon Tectonic, a completely new Pokémon adventure for Windows, Linux, and Android!

Pokémon Tectonic is a non-commercial fan project from a team of passionate developers using Pokémon Essentials.

¡Disponible en español!

Expansive Content

  • Dig into 60+ hours of Makya, a new nonlinear region based on the mountainous Balkans
  • Unveil the secrets of the disbanded Team Chasm, and the hero who defeated them 8 years ago
  • Connect with our unique characters through 8 region-spanning questlines
  • Capture Pokémon up to generation 8, including the Hisuian forms from Legends: Arceus
  • Wield 20+ regional forms unique to Makya, and 30+ new evolutions to existing Pokémon
  • Love Pokemon like we do by cherishing a unique move or ability for every single Pokemon

Ground-Breaking Features

  • Explore a total reimagining of species balance — a bona fide teambuilding sandbox
  • Sustain an extended roster of Pokémon without grinding, thanks to our experience gain overhaul
  • Streamline your teambuilding with powerful tools — MasterDex, Move Mentoring, and Style Points
  • Jump right in to a game that values your time through dozens of quality of life features and options
  • Test your skills against a fully custom AI engine, where each Gym Leader has a distinct personality
  • Build off our open-source code base for your own fangames or mods
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