The Makya Region

Caves and Tunnels
The Makyan region's town map. Inside caves throughout Makya, you can find ruins that showcase just how old the region is. There's quite a few new things going on underground as well. Modern tunnels connect a variety of areas throughout Makya. Not all of them are open to the public, but that doesn't stop enterprising trainers from using them as shortcuts.
Avatar Pokémon
The player joins forced with an Absol to fight an Avatar of Absolus. It's only been 3 months since the first "Avatar Pokémon" was sighted in daylight. They only attack when approached, so the Makyan government has been content to ignore them for the past 3 months. Only now, with dozens of Avatars dotting the landscape, have the Makyan Rangers finally gotten into gear to face the problem.
Team Chasm
A Ranger Station, guarding a dangerous cave. A team formed twenty years ago to investigate Makya's mysterious and ancient caves. They invested millions of dollars into infrastructure in southern Makya, and were involved in numerous projects both secret and dangerous. Eight years ago, however, they were suddenly disbanded by the actions of a lone Pokémon trainer. Still, a deal struck between the top brass and the Makyan government allowed most members to avoid jail time. By now, most former Team Chasm members have integrated into Makyan society, but some of the public still refuse to forigve and forget.
The Makyan Rangers
The Makyan Rangers stockpiling goods to prep for fighting Avatars. Ranger Stations can be found throughout Makya, serving trainers exactly like Pokémon Centers. Don't let their looks deceive you—most Makyan rangers are former Team Chasm grunts, and won't go out of their way to help you. Rather, they spend much of their time finding new ways to make money from the unsupervised space they've been given.
Unusual Ecology
A variety of Pokémon at Frostflow Farms. Even before the arrival of Team Chasm, Makya was a region awash in biodiversity. The region's stocks of Pokémon, bolstered by immigration from around the Pokémon world, now include species from as far away as Kanto and Alola. What force could be keeping such a complex ecology in balance? Even the scientists at Novo College are only beginning to scratch the surface of this mystery.
All Eyes on Makya
Trainers sparring in the Battle Plaza to warm up for the upcoming championship. The yearly championship tournament is imminent. Avatars are threatening to destabilize the entire region. With both of these events in motion, Makya has been receiving a burst of international attention. Tourists, professional trainers, and would-be Avatar slayers have flocked to the region, chasing thrills. While exploring Makya, you may run into unusual trainers with their own, unique reasons for being here.
Tenacious Trainers
Makya's trainers are a hardy bunch in normal times. The hype around the upcoming championship tournament has only increased their stubbornness. If you take a break from a route to heal up, don't be surprised when you return to see that the other trainers have done so too! It takes quite the battle to crush their hopes and send them packing for good.
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