The MasterDex
Makyan Noctowl's level up learnset. The MasterDex is a complete overhaul to the PokeDex. It contains every piece of information on every Pokémon species in the game (except for legendaries). Abilities, type matchups, level up learnset, location, and even more are included. The MasterDex also has a completely custom sorting and filtering system that helps you find the right Pokémon with ease.
Move Mentoring
Move Mentoring is a function that lets you copy moves between your Pokémon! Lets say you have a Pikachu with Thunderbolt stored in your PC. By talking to the Mentor Coordinator you'll be able to teach Thunderbolt to anyone capable of learning it! A Mentor Coordinator can be found in each PokeCenter or Ranger Station. You can do this any number of times, at no cost.
Aid Kit
The Aid Kit is a bundle of healing medicines, used to heal your whole team at once. The Kit holds a number of charges, which you can spend while out in the field to keep your Pokémon in battling condition. If you run out, you can recharge by visiting any PokeCenter or Ranger Station. Those with a keen eye will be able to find items around Makya that can upgrade your Aid Kit, and keep you self-sustaining throughout your adventure.
A PokÉstate plot filled with Bug-types. When you store your Pokémon in the PC, they don't just dissapear. They arrive at the PokÉstate! The PokÉstate contains a plot of land for each one of your storage boxes, where the Pokémon in that box get to relax and mingle. Customize the terrain of each plot by changing the background on the PC, or by talking the Estate Caretaker. The Estate Caretaker will also reward you with items for collecting lots of Pokémon, received at any Pokémon Storage PC.
Tarot Amulet
A PokÉstate plot filled with Bug-types. The Tarot Amulet is a secretive item, gifted by a mysterious occultist. Though she intended it to protect you from the supernatural, it does exactly the opposite! If you choose to activate the Tarot Amulet, you'll find that it makes Gym Battles and other important fights much harder. Not only will enemy teams be more powerful, you'll also be afflicted by a Curse during the fight! Curses will truly put your battling skills to the test in unique and interesting ways. If they prove too much for you, you can just deactivate the amulet.
EXP-EZ Dispenser
As a trainer, sometimes you will reach a limit, where no amount of battling will allow your Pokémon to get stronger. Does the energy of your battles just go to waste, then? Not anymore, thanks to this experimental machine from Sweetrock Candy Company! All experience that would be wasted while at a level cap will instead be stored in this machine. When you're ready, you can activate the Dispenser to transform the stored experience into Experience Candy for your Pokémon to eat. With this, you can share the fruits of battles however you want!
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