Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Pokémon Tectonic?

Check out our download page, where we offer both the Chasm Launcher and a manual download. The Chasm Launcher is a custom program that installs the latest version of the game for you. It's the easiest way to keep up with the latest version of the game (including hotfixes), so we recommend using the launcher. We maintain the manual download version for mobile players and poor internet connections.


When will Pokémon Tectonic be finished?
We entered Beta January 2023. We released 3.0, the final planned content update, on October 20th 2023. The game is considered finished.
When is the next update coming?
We have no future planned updated. There might be the occasional bugfix and balance update, but we have no new planned content in store. To stay updated on any future changes of plan, join our Discord server and sign up for the Update Feed role, so that you can be pinged whenever we make a post in our "update feed" channel.
What content is in the game right now?
All planned content is in the game. A main story only run currently goes around 20 hours, and a completionist run can go upwards of 60+.
Which Pokémon are included?
All non-legendary, non-mythic Pokémon from Generations 1-8 are already available in the game. Some legendary and mythic Pokémon are obtainable one way or another. We also have a few custom regional forms. Ash-Greninja will not be included in the game.
Will PLA forms be included?
As of patch 2.1 (March 10th's update), they are included. You can acquire them by collecting Origin Ore.
Are Generation 9 Pokémon included?
Outside of some specific evolutions to non-gen-9 mons, no.


Does Pokémon Tectonic have Gigantimax/Dynamax/Mega Evolutions?
Sort of. While the mechanics as you know no longer exists, many of these forms are in the game as standard evolutions. Not every form is included in the game--we implement the ones that we think are balanceable.
Is the EXP Share in the game?
No, but we have an item that is very similar. Pokémon Tectonic's design philosophy is anti-grind, and we look to cut down on that sort of thing whenever possible. New mechanics, such as the EXP-EZ Dispenser, take over the role of the EXP Share.
Are there HMs in Pokémon Tectonic?
Nope! The Surfboard, Abraporter, and Climbing Gear take on the role of HM moves.
Is there a DexNav in Pokémon Tectonic?
Yes! While shiny chaining isn't present, using the search feature doubles the odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon. Additionally, you can now use the DexNav to preview what Pokémon are available on each route! Some other details are also different.
Are there difficulty modes in Pokémon Tectonic?
Not exactly. We do our best to support a variety of skill levels. For those looking for a challenge, you'll find plenty off the beaten path. Additionally, Gym Leaders will offer a basic or advanced version of their fight. If that's not enough, you can also use the Tarot Amulet item to make the most important fights in the game brutrally difficult.
Is there a Speed-up feature in Pokémon Tectonic?
No, but our goal is to not need one! We've reduced a lot of animation padding and repetitive inputs/messages that exists in canon Pokémon. Also, the higher difficulty and lack of grinding means the moment to moment gameplay is more fun. If you experience anything tedious in our game, make sure to let us know so we can fix it!


Can I play Pokémon Tectonic on mobile devices?
Yes! There's the occasional graphical issue, but the game has been confirmed to work on Android devices using JoiPlay. We'd like confirmation on whether or not it works on iOS. Make sure you have the latest version of JoiPlay (1.11.006) or you might get crashes. Click here to find the latest version.
Is Pokémon Tectonic a Rom Hack?
Pokémon Tectonic runs on Pokémon Essentials, which is an extension of RPG Maker XP. Pokémon Tectonic is not a rom hack, and doesn't require any patching. You can just run the Game.EXE file.
What version of Essentials is this? Will it be updated to newer versions of Essentials?
We're using Essentials v19.1, and have no plans on fully transitioning the game beyond this version. However, we take certain bits of code from future versions where we can. For example, we've already included v20's map renderer improvements.
My game has crashed! / I experienced a bug!
Don't close that error report! Take a screenshot and share it in our Discord server bug-report channel. If you don't have an error report, or if it was a bug that didn't crash your game, try to leave a description alongside whatever pictures you might have.


Where is your changelog? / What's been changed about X Pokémon?
You can check out all the specifics by looking at our Balance Changelog. In game, we have a wonderful custom-coded Pokédex that gives extensive rundowns of each Pokémon. For changes to mechanics, you can check out our in-game Battle Guide via the start menu.
What are shiny odds?
Unchanged from Gen 8 canon (1/4096). That being said, searching Pokémon through the DexNav doubles the chance! We also have a few discoverable items that can improve the shiny chance!
I want to contribute! How do I do that?
Ping or send a direct message to Brickbat on our Discord server. I'll get you set up.
There's an asset in Pokémon Tectonic that I would like to use. How do I get permission?
Feel free to ask! Most of our assets are free-to-use with credit, however I'd like to double-check with the associated developer to make sure that we have permission to give you permission. Additionally, not all of the game's assets are done by us. We've asked for permission on some assets, and we don't want to have their work accredited to us or used without their permission.
Can I create content about Pokémon Tectonic?
Please do!
I have a question that isn't answered here.
Feel free to ask in our Discord server "ask questions" channel.
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